Gold Locker

















Guest would always want unique & different Cake Themes, they would tell me – …we want something different or something out of the Box…such interactions are always interesting.

One such discussion is here –


Three friends (I have met them before too)

“Chef, last time the Golf Course Cake was great… but we want something bigger this time…” (the Golf Course Cake was 15 kgs).

Vicky said it’s my Dad’s birthday – want to present him something Very Grand, the Theme must be GOLD…and Gold was all over his mind.

 I said, “…why not, let’s make something Grand…”

I didn’t know, what was coming…


After an hour of discussion, we decided –

Theme – “Man Size Gold Locker – Prince is surrounded by Gold”


It took us more than a week to finish the Gold Coins / Biscuits / Blocks / The Chest / Ornaments…etc.


Finally the Cake took its shape –

The Cake Size = 12 ft X 6 ft

Cake Weight = 172 kgs

Total Weight with Base & Box = 202 kgs

Help required = 12 person to lift it carefully and place inside a Truck (specially brought to transfer the Cake).





















I had great fun making it…from the Discussion – Planning – Initial Preparations – Making the Cake in Batches – Final Décor…

Chocolate Used = 80 kgs

Gold Used = Lost count…a lot

Cake – Chocolate Banana Delice


That’s called GRAND.




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