Adi (aditya) was in our office one evening, as usual he was at his best – being inquisitive, active, curious and asking a lot of questions.


Looking at my white board (which had few points that I had jotted down, to remember), he asked – what is this for?

I told him, its for making drawings and sketches…

He asked, do you know how to draw?

I replied, yes, am very good at it.

Why don’t you draw me a Cartoon character? he asked.

I started drawing a mickey mouse, it looked good (to me).

Adi said, “…come-on, you are still a small baby…you should have drawn a ‘Ben 10 and the Aliens’ or ‘Noddy and friends’…”

Can you draw an Aeroplane?

That was easy…

I must have made atleast a dozen of them, infront of him…he didn’t like any – either the tail is long / the wings are not the same / the windows are not good / don’t have enough doors…so on & on…


I was feeling embarrassed & helpless.

While leaving he said, “…by the way, your drawings are better than that of my Dad… he can only make snakes…”

AAHHHH, I had a sigh of relief – am not that bad at drawings.


Adi is a 6 yrs old kid.

The Aeroplane Cake was the surprise on his 6th Birthday.








Happy Flying.












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  1. subhashsinha

    Adi was really awe stuck seeing his cake and asked me who made it ? I told him to take a guess ? And know what, he was spot on – Ajmal……………….. And he asked me dad can u also learn how to make cakes and I did say ‘yes’ to him……. FOR THE CAKE. As I always tell it to all my guests in the hotel you dream it and AJ will create it, FOR the last 7 years that I know him there has never been a chance where i have been proved wrong. GENIUS like you are rarely born and I am fortunate to have you as a friend and collegue.

    you must have any area where guests can post there celebratory photos… for you create happiness and you are truly ” THE KING OF ONLY GOOD TIMES ”

    thanks a ton from adi, mini and subhash

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