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Parents of Nikita & Arul…were very excited about the birthday of their children, as any parents would be…they told me, the kids are fond of “Winnie the Pooh”…and wanted to have a Cake with Pooh.


Nikita & Arul are Twins – 2 yr Olds…while they were watching (listening) to the whole conversation…I was tempted to have a conversation with them…


I tried all my tricks to get a response from either of them…but no success.

And then I said …Winnie the pooh is my friend …I have a big Pooh in my house…I wont give you my Pooh…


The response was faster than any of us thought…

Arul grabbed his toy – it was the Pooh…and said – …he is my friend…mmm my best friend…

Nikita said instantly…mama will not give chocolate & honey to you…Tiger will came and eat you…


They said together …Pooh is our best friend…


I had to apologize immediately…and told them, I love Pooh too…it is the smartest & cutest character…same as you two…

How big cake do you want? I asked.


Answer was instant, both started talking together,

“…I want Poooooh cake…

…I want one winnie pooh cake…

…I want pooh big cake…

…I want two pooh cake…

…I want Tigger, Piglet and Kang & baby Roo…

and flowers and Pooh Cake…winnie cake…

and it went on & on…”


 …Pooh is such a darling, made the shy kids never stop talking about him…







 The Tigger which was supposed to come and eat me…


Cake – Strawberry Cream Cake

All the Characters are made of Marzipan & Sugar Fondant

The Cart is made of Chocolate

Flowers are made of Sugar Fondant


Lets continue to listen to the wonderfull Stories of ‘Winnie the Pooh & his Friends’…enjoy.




  1. andrea

    FANTASTIC…it looks so real. Nikita and Arul parents should have been so happy to see something so intricate and detailed. The Pooh looks awesome, and also all his friends, the cart is such a nice touch, the honey pot is amazing thought. Looks like the characters are having a picnic, super Cake.
    Am sure Nikita and Arul had a blast of a birthday, with this wonderful cake. Great Perfection.
    Good work Chef. regards Andy

    1. admin

      Thankyou Andy…yes it was Fun making this creation. I always wanted to make the Pooh, but never found the right opportunity…thankyou for your kind appreciation. regards. ajmal

  2. NikitaArul

    Dear Mr. Ajmal,

    Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful surprise…. truly breathtaking; more than what you promised when we met and Nikita & Arul asked for their “Pooh” Birthday cake!!

    One of the interesting part was anticipation of the cake. As the car bringing the cake, stopped in front of our house; at a glimpse of the cake & its housing; we felt something truly magical has arrived. It certainly had a built-up element … to getting to the cake. Cake’s journey from the car inside the party hall, everyone who was looking at the cake housing & what’s inside…. we heard from words like it’s alluring, exquisite, delicate, ravishing, stunning, shimmering & more!!

    While we waited for the right moment to cut the cake, all eyes were on this Masterpiece!! Everyone, I mean, everyone asked where did we get this pretty magnificent cake from? We think the cake was THE attraction of our Birthday party; despite of, other coordinated theme decor we had put up. Your Cake stole the show & we were happy about it!!

    We are sure, a lot of art, skills & thoughtful creativity that went behind building this cake, the “Pooh” characters from size to placement & the whole nine yards.

    We could go on & on about the package from yourself; starting with warm greetings, kid-friendly conversations, graciousness, assurance, on-time delivery of the cake, its rightly-sweet & melt-in the mouth taste, fresh smell, texture, color schema, artful display with lotsa goodies, not to forget about your special touches as well as overall quality. And this is not exaggeration by any stretch of imagination.

    Apologies for not being able to come over, to receive the cake as we were tied up with other prep-work for the Birthday party. We are positive that we will get many more opportunities to meet you again.

    You have seen our kids as “talking machines” when we met. When they saw the cake, they couldn’t stop saying a big “W-O-W”, “Good Job” & in Marathi, saying “Kiti mast aahe Cake”!

    Thank you so much!

    – Sonali & Sadashiv Kulkarni
    (Parents of Nikita & Arul)

    1. admin

      Dear Ms. Sonali & Sadashiv,
      Firstly, thankyou for all the kind words…it is truly a pleasure to read such detailed appreciation.
      Your description of the whole journey…and that of the impact, the Cake had on the kids is truly admirable.

      I am glad that you liked our creation…we are delighted to know the Kids could showcase it to their friends and it will surely be one of your fond memories…

      Once again, thankyou for your kind thoughts / words.
      Wishing Nikita & Arul a wonderful Birthday.

      with sincere regards

  3. rose

    Wonderful Cake, nice detailing. how long does this take you to make such cakes?
    Keep posting such creations, your posts are interesting to read. I like the narration of each stories, it is beautifully crafted. Hope you will start posting more recipes, till then, continue your good work. thanks. rose

  4. catherine

    Chef, this webiste is wonderful. I have read through all the posts and the pictures, it is awesome / mind blowing creations. The name of the website is soooooo true. Will keep visiting. I know you have just launched it, i look forward to getting few more ideas on coffee breaks and some homestyle recipes. Meantime, keep posting these stories, as usual you ROCK. Thanks. Cat

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