Easter Chocolates



EASTER – a day full of activity…

I did something that I always do…


Had 20 odd kids (aged from 4 -8 yrs)…all were given colourful bunny costumes…dressed-up as Easter Bunny…go on a Egg Hunt…the kids just loved it…


I must admit – it kind of became a nightmare, as I couldn’t recognize any of them…they all looked like small cute bunnies…running around, shouting, scaring each other, fooling others, a total merry go around…


The one who finds maximum eggs gets the reward…but guess what, 6 of them got the same number of eggs…now what??


Lets have some Q&A…they were teamed, each team with 4 kids…come up with a question that you always wanted to know (all about Easter)…write it on a piece of paper…


Here are the questions that I got…

1. Why are the Eggs colorful and the one Mummy buys are White??

2. Why is Easter on a Sunday, if it is Monday, we will get Saturday, Sunday & Monday to play??

3. Why are you not wearing the Bunny Costume?? (that was addressed to me)

4. Why does the Bunny hide Eggs??

5. Two of us have younger sisters, they couldn’t play with us, can you give us the prize & gifts for them too??

6. Can we keep our Bunny Dress / costume??


Guess all the questions were smart, I tried my best to answer them… and finally gave all of them the Chocolate Gifts…& of course the Bunny Costume.


Its Fun to play with kids.




  1. Cirleni

    incredibly awesome, great work

  2. Nejmal

    Brilliant masterpiece..

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