Excavator Cake & a Road Roller

Every Kid has a favourite Toy, mostly for Boys – its Car / Jeep / Bike / Helicopter / Aeroplane…etc.

I came across a couple of them ( 3 yr Old & 3.5 yr Old)  in the last month who love equipment / vehicles, that i have only seen from a distance…

The desire to know the Road Roller & the Excavator grew after i had decided to make these creations.

Visited a large Construction Company, saw the Excavator (Caterpillar), then travelled few miles to

understand the Road Roller (new Highway).

Was fun interacting with the Operators of this equipment…must agree, its a tough job to control these huge vehicles…not sure if they should be called “Vehicles”.

Didnt even know, till last week that a lot of Road Roller & Excavator Toys are getting to be favourite these days. Wish these were available, when i was a kid.

Happy Viewing.



  1. Maddy

    Very Nice…. I like this…

  2. Raksha

    My kids like these kind of Toys, very well made. pl let me know if i can order for one like this, and how many days prior would you need to know of our request. i also like the aeroplane, wonderful stuff. would like to see more of kids bithday related stuff. once more – thankyou for sharing, keep doing this great masterpcs. will meet you soon. thanks

  3. trasey brosto

    Looks great. Very yummy, wish i could eat it…thanks for sharing.

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