Chocolate Musicians



This HOLLOW Chocolate Creations are inspired by few Kids…

A true Inspiration…

Short note – I was visiting the City Library last few weeks, outside in the lawns…I see a group of kids (15-20 of them) having fun and laughing…this happened almost every time I was there…

 So one day I decided to go and see what they were upto…

I found out – They were all budding musicians (artists) having a “Jokes Competition” – every week it would be different theme…and whoever wins, gets Book from the library (of his / her choice) being sponsored by others…


I had fun, listening to them…made few friends, took me a while to realize that they were differently abled Kids…

WOW, what an initiative…whoever thought of it…

These kids also participate in Music Competitions…when ever they have holidays in School.


The theme last week was “4 liners” – you got to finish your jokes in less than 4 lines…

2 of the stand-out jokes are right here –


 1st  – 

Dad, were you the one who told me they once kicked you out of the school?”
“Yes my Boy, why do ask that?”
“I think it’s hereditary”

2nd –

Did you know your son threw a rock at me?”
“Oh, dear? My son? Are you sure? And did he hit you?”
“Fortunately, no!”
“Then he wasn’t my son!”


Musician Kids with amazing skills – one of the best skills being to make others LAUGH…

Absolutely Admirable.




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  1. Neeraja

    Awsome and so adorable!!!

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