Pretzels – Recipe

Pretzels – also called as Bretzels in some of the German speaking world.


It has now attained the symbol of snack food in many parts of America and also a large part of Europe.

There are a few stories about the history of Pretzels…though i am not sure which one is true…but for the fun of reading and knowing a little more than the recipe – i will include two such stories here –

1st Story –

In 610 A.D. – somewhere in France or Italy, an Young (some stories say, Old) Monk was making Breads for the period of fasting, just before Easter. Those days, men and women use to pray with their arms folded across their chest, each hand on the opposite shoulder. The monk thought of making breads of this shape and use it as a reward for the children to recite their prayers…he named them “Pretiola” (latin word for ‘little reward’). Eventually it took the name of Pretzels or Bretzels.

2nd Story –

In the late 1600’s, a young baker slept off while making a bread – happened in Pennsylvania. The fire of the Oven had died down, and the Soft bread got dried inside…when the baker woke-up, it looked unbaked to him, so he rebaked the breads. It eventually became a crispy, crunchy bread. And most importantly, it retained its freshness for a longer time.

Through all this years, the Pretzels have taken many shapes and sizes…

The colour of the Pretzel – is a result of dipping it in a lye solution or baking soda solution. This makes the surface alkaline and thus the deep brown colour.

Recipe -

All purpose flour – 500 gm

Milk – 120 ml

Water (luke warm) – 100 ml

Butter (unsalted) – 35 gm

Sugar(brown) –  12 gm

Salt – 10 gm

Fresh Yeast – 14 gm

Rock Salt – for topping

For Baking Soda Solution

Baking Soda – 15 gm

Warm Water – 500 ml


Method – 

Mix water, yeast and sugar.

Use a bowl of the Stand Mixer – add flour, butter, salt and milk.

Now using a dough hook attachment, make a dough by adding the water mix.

At medium speed, till the dough is smooth and pulls away from the sides.

Remove the dough and rest it for 25 minutes (cover the dough, so that it doesnot get dry).

Pre heat the Oven to 200 degree celcius.

Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.

Now knock-back the dough and divide it into 50 gms pieces.

 Roll out each piece of dough into a 10-inch rope, with the centre part being thick.

 Make a U-shape with the rope, holding the ends of the rope, cross them over each other and press onto the bottom of the U in order to form the shape of a pretzel.

 Place onto the parchment-lined sheet pan.

Put it inside the freezer for 5 minutes.



During this time, make the Baking Soda solution by mixing the soda with warm water.

Now bring the pretzels back and dip it one by one into the baking soda solution and place it back onto the lined tray.

Allow to proove for 15 minutes.

Sprinkle rock salt on each of the pretzels.

Make a small slit at the thicker part of the pretzel.

Bake until golden brown / deep brown, approximately 15-16 minutes.

Serve warm with mustard or cream cheese.






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